Visual Mementos

The randomized image behavior on my front page needs to have all the pictures in the same folder. Once put together, all images seem also randomly set because their names do not obey a particular scheme. Thus, I had pictures from the past four years of my life mixed together and it was kind of creepy seeing how many things have changed.

Our memory is far from a chronological succession of events, but rather an amalgam of all previous experiences, all together, and all trying to stand out against the others. That simple thumbnail folder was a visual representation of my own memory.

I guess when we get old, our memories will help us get through the last few moments of our lives, filling them with new ones, at least in what I call “the recollection of reminder”, that is, remembering when one was remembering something, but not actually remembering the event itself.

News came through that my mother’s father is not well. In such cases, one can only hope that there will be no suffering at the end of life. He lives with his new wife, who has loved him dearly. I wonder how his own thumbnail folder looks…

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