Rendering texts originally written in one language into another in such a way that they seem to have been originally written in the target language is a mixture of technique, experience and art. Translation goes beyond a mere word-for-word rendition of an original text and entails comprehensive knowledge of both the language and the culture of both the source and the target.

Technical translations imply less art, but therefore add precision to the mix in order to compose texts that can be applied flawlessly in the target culture.

I offer full translation, editing and proofreading (TEP) services. You may request the involvement of additional “pairs of eyes” into the process.

The main language combinations available are English into Spanish, Spanish into English, and German into Spanish. Further language combinations are available thanks to a solid network of colleagues.

Main areas of specialization:

  • Medicine/Health Care
  • Medical Technology
  • Clinical Trials
  • Marketing/Transcreation
  • Market Research
  • Internet/Internet Technologies
  • News/Press Releases
  • Tourism

Further areas of specialization upon request.

Drop me a line and let me know your needs.