The Dark Tower

I’m completely fascinated with Stephen King’s series The Dark Tower. So far, I’m well into the fourth episode and I can’t wait to see what comes next. King has managed to create a world in which, despite everything seems out of place, everything is actually quite coherent and consistent, round, compact, and enticing. King writes how I think and dream, and the quest for the Dark Tower is but another literary grail that is no more than a metaphore for more worldly quests, such as the quest for the meaning of life, one’s mission, one’s place in the world, and so on.

Time is among the most subjective portions of our empiric existence. The journey that these characters pursue in search of the Tark Tower, or the Red Rose, transcends their own little stories and permeates one’s own existance, to the point their perception of futility or eternity is thrusted into the fabrics of one’s own soul.

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