Bruno is dead

For weeks, environmentalists, the press, the home where he was raised in Italy speculated, hypothesized and searched for the missing “rampaging” Bruno. Germany hadn’t seen a bear in its realms since 1835. Some farmers got upset over their losses in poultry and sheep. Others claimed that he had scratched their cars. Germans consider their cars shrines, so that was no less than sacrilege.

Recently, a Finnish team was after its tracks. This weekend, the Bavarian government authorized hunters to shoot the bear on sight. When the order was signed (the German government doesn’t work on Sundays), the bear was already dead…

I must admit when I heard the news this morning on the radio, I had to weep for the death of hope for brown bears in a world where we have made all species, including our own, foreign and unworthy.

Long live Bruno, aka JJ1.

Hero: “Pajarito” defies torturers

In an unprecedented act, a tortured and mortified 500 kilo bull jumped on spectators in Mexico city during a bullfight. The brave, defying hero was eventually stabbed brutally to death by its torturers. The incident did not prevent the primitive and savage spectacle to continue.

“Pajarito” should have a monument built in his honor. Here’s hoping that he now grazes peacefully in Bull’s Heaven.

Long live “Pajarito,” the bravest bull that was ever mocked in the circus of cruelty…

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