To become part of history

I was taught that history was constantly in the making and that each one of us was part of it. Sometimes I wish one day someone, generations ahead, would remember me. Perhaps having a child is part of this process. Gone are my childhood dreams of being a scientist, anthropologist or historian. I view legacy today in fully different terms.

Before I keep rambling, I just came upon an interesting project that will announce on 07-07-07 what the new seven wonders of the world are. I made my choice. You can make yours.

Vote for the new 7 world wonders

I’m a dad!

My son Martin Daniel’s very first picture! I’m so excited! It’s both a realization and a dream.

He was born just last night. Here’s hoping I can give him all I had and much, much more.

Welcome to you, and how do you do, Everybody’s waiting here at… the Gonzalez’s corner!

I’m a father. WHOA!

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