. . . . Ciao, pluvian troat

The king is dead. No, not that king, this one.

Luciano’s fight is over. Never again shall his voice fill our ears and hearts. He has become a legend and shall be heard in the booming of thunder, in the peaceful flowing of a river, in the troat of a pluvian.

Considering that sixty is the new forty, it’s a pity to see someone so young gone.

Farewell. May you find peace.

La commedia è finita!

A night to forget

I’m terribly disappointed with Pavarotti’s performance. Transposed songs, singing from a stool, talking, and wearing a flashy scarf were not exactly what I had expected to encounter. Not only did he sing from a stool, but he did it behind the piano, where he also had a glass of some unknown liquid from which he was sipping every so often, and he never ever stood up.

I had seen him before in 1995 in Colombia, long after his prime was gone, but when he was still mobile and his performance was moving.

Don’t take my word for it. Thomas Tillmann, from the Online Music Magazine, considered his performance unworthy.

I will pretend I was never there and rejoice on his best recordings and perfomances, long before the three tenors, long before he and his friends…

A night to remember

My favorite tenor is retiring. He has begun an international tour to cover many of the scenarios that witnessed his artistry for the past forty years. He has called it the “Worldwide Farewell Celebration Tour”, and it will very likely be his last.

We have tickets to see him for the last time in Stuttgart. Will keep you posted on how it went.

Bravo tenore, grande maestro. Grazie di tutto.

A night to remember

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