In death unpunished

Augusto Pinochet is dead. Unlike many who suffered under his iron fist for decades, he died peacefully in the company of his loved ones.

Despite a turmoil not unlike what Chileans are experiencing right now, I have come to the conclusion that even evil deserves acquittal, as long as there is repentance. But that’s probably my Catholic upbringing talking.

He is dead, and that’s all there is to say.

You can read more about it at BBC News.

Judge questions Pinochet

Not long after Pinochet was stripped of immunity, he was already questioned.

Naturally, he denied the imputations. Naturally, his doctor recommended that “good ol’grampa” should not be subject to further questioning. Naturally, the interrogation was cut short. The judge had to conduct the questioning in the ex-dictator’s own home. Hopefully, he will be tried for at least one of his crimes before he dies. And there were very few supporters this time, despite the heavy security operative in the perimeter of his house.

Interesting that he had to be admitted in a military hospital just ten days ago.

How can any judge acting in the interest of justice admit the defense’s, and family’s, claim that he is “too old to stand trial?” Does this mean that if you hide long enough, whether physically or behind the shell you created around yourself for protection, eventually you will be too old and, “for humanitarian reasons,” get away with what you’ve done?

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