Carlos’ Realm’s Birthday

It’s been another year since I started rambling on this spot.

The layout has changed since 2004. The design had been in place since 2001.

The green design was implemented around this time last year. Today, I introduce the current design, based loosely on the previous one, but mainly, a migration to WordPress. I got tired of Movable Type. I have also added a miniblog of what I’m reading right now, coutesy of Rob Miller. Time permitting, I will add my comments and reviews of these books. I’ve also added links to items on my Amazon Wish List.

Here’s to another year of Carlos’ Realm on the WWW.

Culture Schock and the Blonde Librarian

After almost two years in Germany, I stumbled upon a blog written by an expatriate who has managed to capture the general feeling of impotence and amused curiousity that invades those who, like myself, have been taken away from their place of origin and mingle among foreigners, and thus forever, or at least for the time being, bear the title of foreigners. I have really been touched and often wept and laughed with her posts, her adventures, her language dilemmas, as she strives to survive in Germany married to a German who has been born to foreigners. Sound familiar?

Happy Birthday, Blog

I’m very proud and happy to announce my first year on the blogosphere.

Despite a very active first few months, over time, and lack of it, the posting has been dropping from once every three days or so to once or twice every month or so.

A lot has happened in a year (got married –again–, found a job, moved –at least temporarily– to another town and state) and some of it has been registered here.

I’ve added a nifty recount of posts from 2004 on the right panel. Check it out.

This was the first posting, and it was the first and only in Spanish.

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