Please Read!!! This Little Girl Needs Your Help

It’s nice that friends and acquaintances keep in touch with you by forwarding
jokes, chains, and the like, even if they never write anything else. Still, I
keep getting the same forwards over and over again that warn about the possibility
of being pricked with an AIDS
infected needle
in a movie theater, being drugged with some veterinarian
to be raped, or helping a little
who’s been dying from a rare type of brain cancer for the past seven

Urban Legends Reference PagesThese and other hoaxes, urban legends, rumors, are in a way a form of terrorism
in a time when paranoia has become a way of life.

clean and non-pretentious website addresses these issues and presents them
in a comprehensive and very well documented way. Next time you are ready
to let the world know about the outrage of bonsai
, ask people to go on a voluntary blackout to
protest for governmental energy policies, or claim they will appear in
the Guinness
Book of World Records, do us all a favor and check that the information you
are forwarding endlessly is true. This website has not only recorded all
things false, but actually includes a “ranking” that goes from true, to multiple
truth values, to ambiguous veracity, to unclassifiable veracity, to plain

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