Translation and interpreting

Translation and

Make your brand stand out, bedazzle your audience, and
reach important agreements with your Spanish-speaking partners! 
Do you require clear, accurate and compelling translations in the tourism, technical
or medical field? Do you need linguistic support during business meetings and
conferences? Is in-depth knowledge of both source and target culture essential
for your project? 
That’s where I come in. 
Using my 27 years of experience as an ATA-Certified Translator with a degree
in Communication Studies, I’ll convert your message into smooth-sounding,
authoritative Spanish. Whether your
customers be European or Latin American—you can count on me to hone brilliant texts that inform and engage. 
Looking for sworn translations from and into
Spanish? While I’m not a sworn translator, I can make it happen by involving someone
in my network, or a notary public, if and where needed. 
And if you need a trusted interpreter during negotiations with your Spanish-speaking
business partners, I’ll be there to make sure your message is clearly relayed
and understood. Keeping in mind cultural differences and nuances, like body
language and tone of voice, I can help you communicate effortlessly and effectively.

the voice of experience.

I have been providing consecutive and simultaneous
interpreting services to clients throughout Europe and the Americas since 1998.
Remote interpreting became part of my offering in 2020.

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