Mafalda turns 40!

MafaldaMafalda is the eternal little girl in permanent wonder of the current state of our planet. She hates soup, she wishes for world peace, she has stereotyped friends, and she turned 40 today. She appeared for the first time in an Argentinian newspaper, originally as an advertising campaign created by Quino, and since then has combated in her own little way unfairness, inequality, and xenophobia.

Did you know she is widely known in Europe? In fact, Quino was awarded the “Max und Moritz” Award for best international cartoon in Erlangen, birthplace of my wife, at the Third Annual International Comic Exhibition in 1988.

Image Copyright by Quino. Taken from Wikipedia and used within the limits of “fair use” according to the U. S. Copyright Law and similar applicable laws in other countries.

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