Monthly Archives: November 2005

Bye-Bye Blues, got the blues…

I’ve always been the type who has trouble saying good-bye, despite the fact that I’ve been saying it to friends and family almost my entire life. But it was only until recently that I realized that I also have trouble parting with objects, particularly when they’ve been with me for some time.

Today I’m saying good-bye on this post to my Fiesta Blues, my first car ever. It had become a nuisance recently, and I did not imagine I would weep for it. I even realized I don’t have any pictures of it, at least not full bodied.

As my dad would say, “noble el carrito.”

Godspeed, little car, may you find another owner that threats you better than we did…

If I had one of those mood indicators on my blog, it would be BLUE.

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