Monthly Archives: August 2004

Another 100

I’m very happy with Gallery. It’s easy, comfortable and saves a lot of time. It did take me a while to configure it how I wanted it. I’m encountering some bugs now, particularly uploading metadata so I don’t have to manually add a description on each picture. In the meantime, it seems like I will keep posting pictures without a description until this known bug in the latest release of Gallery gets solved.

Check out the three new albums, a total of some hundred pictures, posted at Photo Album at Carlos’ Realm :: Germany (no captions or descriptions for now, one thing at a time…)

My Struggle

Just got off the phone with my German teacher. She’s back from her summer language-learning holiday in the Czech Republic.

I asked her to stay two hours a week with me for the next few weeks before she leaves to France for six months. Now she wants to learn French. I never met someone so interested in languages. Besides her mother language, she speaks Czech, very good English, and excellent Spanish, with a slight Venezuelan accent. Instead of learning just a little bit of each language, she really goes all the way to mastering each one.

One would wonder what she studied in college. Well, she is still studing Germanistic at Regensburg University, which means she is learning “every nook and cranny” of her language and those similar to it.

I wonder what I’ll do when she’s gone…

New taste new face

I’m proud to present the new and improved Carlos’ Realm featuring my own blog.

I’m leaving it open for everyone. Not sure what results that will bring. In any case, a weblog will force me to write on a regular basis. I really like to write and I finally figured out a way to keep the world posted and to write my own content, not just recreate content others have written.

The face is somewhat new, also, added colors and not “so gruesome”, as my wife bluntly put it.

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