by Carlos González-Rivera, CT

Words have always fascinated me. Interaction between peoples, cultures and individuals have motivated most of my endeavors. The lure of translation was already patent during my school years, when books became windows through which fantastic and unlimited worlds became visible. Once in those worlds, language became something that transcended words and comparing versions in different languages became a passion. It was not about words anymore, but rather about filling the author’s vision with nuances, complemented by the translator’s vision. Naturally, English and Spanish did not suffice.

Books are Windows

A natural result of this inclination, while still studying Media Arts, was turning this growing interest into a profession. An international IT publication became the platform from which a passion became a career. Twenty years of constant work later, having added further languages, along with specialization, certification and experience to the mix, I continue to offer high-quality services to customers around the world.

Your projects and tasks are handled with the highest regard and utmost attention to detail. Rest assured that your high-level technical translations in subjects ranging from marketing and IT, to medicine and Health will be performed thoroughly and meticulously. Desktop Publishing, along with website and graphic localization add value to the service for your complete satisfaction. And since teamwork is a pivotal aspect of a successful project, I consistently collaborate with other translators and proofreaders in the same or other language combinations.

Drop me a line and let me know your needs.

Yours truly,

Carlos González - Rivera, CT