Carlos’ Realm’s Birthday

Carlos' Realm's Birthday

It’s been another year since I started rambling on this spot.

The layout has changed since 2004. The design had been in place since 2001.

The green design was implemented around this time last year. Today, I introduce the current design, based loosely on the previous one, but mainly, a migration to WordPress. I got tired of Movable Type. I have also added a miniblog of what I’m reading right now, coutesy of Rob Miller. Time permitting, I will add my comments and reviews of these books. I’ve also added links to items on my Amazon Wish List.

Here’s to another year of Carlos’ Realm on the WWW.

My second year

Today, two years ago, in 2003, I arrived to what would become my home for a still undeterminate length of time, perhaps several years, perhaps till the end.

Today, almost two years after my wedding, and almost half a year since the other wedding, the prospect of children is more and more certain. Perhaps one day they will read these postings and wonder even more who their father is, or was, or will be.

The longer I spend here, the longer I realize that, finally, I found home, that a long life of nomadism has finally ended. I have never spent more than seven years in the same place. If five more years go by and I’m still here, the record will have been broken. We shall see.

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