Monthly Archives: November 2004

What about peace?

My good friend Juan José found again in his rummagings a pearl.

A shred of hope

With new results coming in at 5:25 a.m. ET (11:25 a.m. CET), things start looking up in the US election for president. I’m holding on to my pants that Kerry will win. Up until a few minutes ago, I knew Bush would win. It seems to me now that there is still hope…

Whoever gets Ohio wins the election. Let’s hope it works out for Kerry since the Republicans got hold of the Senate and the House of Representatives. A Republican president backed up by Republican senators would spell bad news for the rest of the world. If Kerry wins, it will be a tough presidency, but it would balanced out and, hopefully, truly democratic.

Have a sweet tooth for a good memory

Swedish researchers have found a link between healthy, complete teeth and memory. For the former, you can always get dentures, but for the latter… One more good reason to take good care of your teeth.

I was going to say something about wisdom teeth… but I forgot…

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